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Invoice clients at the speed of thought

Fulfillment and shipping companies of all sizes use Rails to consolidate, automate and optimize their invoicing process. Using our advanced invoicing tools and APIs, companies save a significant amount of time and labor, build a better relationship with their clients, and unlock additional revenue streams.

At a glance

Quicker cash flow cycles

Create invoices in real-time and send 100% accurate invoices to clients without any human interaction. Rails also lets you automatically charge clients for any adjustments or upcharges passed on to you by your carriers.

Partner with your clients

We enable you to effortlessly continue offering competitive custom pricing plans to your clients, and build greater trust with them by providing them with highly detailed invoices in near real-time.

Scale effortlessly

We integrate with any system that you work with, and are built to handle the most complicated and high volume invoicing scenarios. Get access to the manpower and intelligence of 10x the employees without needing to hire them.

Modernize your invoicing process

Make invoicing part of your client-facing systems and provide customers with enhanced visibility through our APIs, extend custom financing terms to settle invoices, use pricing intelligence insights to create better client agreements, and more.

No integration headaches

Seamless integrations

Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars and weeks of IT resources integrating with new ERPs, carriers and fulfillment management systems. Our superior integrations do all the heavy lifting to pull data from your systems so that you can remain relaxed and assured that data is being pulled reliably and accurately round the clock.

Ease and support.
Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars and weeks of IT resources integrating with new ERPs (QuickBooks, Netsuite, etc.), carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) and fulfillment management systems (WMSs, TMSs, OMSs, etc.).
Securely integrate.
We securely and automatically pull your data periodically from carrier portals and WMS APIs, you do not need to worry about FTP uploads, scheduled reports, etc.
Single pane for your operations.
View all data, standardized and cleaned, from our web portal. Without you having to worry about data integrations and data wrangling.
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Customizability without the complexity

Tailor prices for each customer

Custom pricing is often required to win over clients and to maximize profits for yourself, so why should you be forced to give it up in order to streamline processes?

Create new charge categories based on any order attribute.
Build conditional pricing rules to account for every case.
Create tiered pricing with variable cost to increase cost efficiencies.
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Configure once and let us handle the rest

Create invoices at the speed of light

Let Rails do the heavy lifting to create accurate invoices, and save significant time and money spent in hiring labor to manipulate excel sheets. Our infrastructure is set up to reliably handle the generation of millions of invoice line items in minutes for the most complex pricing scenarios, and all of the data is consolidated alongside intelligent insights for your entire team to view.

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Stress free invoicing

Send invoices with confidence

Forgot to update a rule and now an invoice has been created incorrectly? Or forgot to set rules for a new pricing category for a client on time? Rails prevents you from giving your clients any confusion and a poor billing experience by automatically flagging invoice line items with missing or discrepant charges for human review. Only once approved, these line items are delivered to the client. Reduce the time taken by the client to settle a bill by building trust in the form of accurate invoices.

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Countless other benefits

ERP integrations to fully automate billing cycles
Rails offers multiple delivery options, including the ability to populate and send invoices through an ERP, schedule emailed invoices to clients with custom instructions, and export data through API or manual download. This makes it easy for businesses to streamline their invoicing process and focus on growing their business.
Don't let carrier adjustments affect the bottom line
We compare all incoming carrier bills to your label rates in real-time to determine additional charges incurred by you. Automatically invoice clients for extra charges incurred on future invoices and eliminate the need to manually stay on top of reconciling bills and charging clients for adjustments.
Seamless invoicing for POs, storage, etc.
Create ad-hoc invoices for anything that you can think of. Create rules based on any order attribute from your fulfillment management systems, or create one-off charges to include on invoices. Eliminate the need to jump across multiple systems to create one invoice for a client, and consolidate all billing in one system.
Enhance financial visibility for your clients
Give your clients a better insight into their fulfillment costs ahead of time, enabling them to plan better, and reduce the communication loop at the end of the billing cycle. Highlight cost savings, charge trends, and more through a client-specific dashboard or APIs, and become a strategic partner for your clients.
Unlock financing as a source of revenue
Extend more favorable financing terms to your clients at the click of a button, and use it as a means to unlock additional revenue streams for your 3PL. Our financing program is backed by financinal and technology leaders that guarantee the best vendor and customer terms on the market.
Make better pricing decisions
Get a client-specific or a 10,000 feet view into the various different factors affecting your bills. Combine invoicing data with your shipment history and carrier bills to get a better understanding of margins, and use Rails' recommendations to build more competitive and profitable pricing agreements.

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